Via Mike Sutter of Fedman Walking. Hill’s BBQ Market has shuttered. As fate would have it I was driving through the north MOPAC region a few months ago when I heard that Hill’s BBQ Market was about to open so I swung off the highway to take a picture for our Birth Notice section.

Couldn’t find the joint.

Passing back through the area again a couple hours later I hopped back off the roadway. Couldn’t find it.

A couple weeks later I happened to be back in the same neighborhood and no, I never managed to spot the (fabled) restaurant. I did manage to read a couple reviews so I know that the business existed (if briefly)

Hill’s BBQ Market never generated any sort of buzz. No late night, excited phone calls were exchanged, no fevered tweet ups emanated from the smokehouse, no harried groups of sweaty barbecue tourists vectored in on the location.

Nobody cared.

And in the end what is worse than an ignominious death after a brief and unheralded life?

This is Austin restaurant/bar obituary number 73. Got a death notice you’d like to send in? Let us know. Our RIP archive

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