For the hard partying school girls at the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders life is about to get a lot easier. Wheatsville Co-op will be selling beer and wine at their new S. Lamar Boulevard location, opening in June 2013.

The Austin City Council recently voted unanimously in favor of the alcohol sales waiver that the hippies running the joint had been fight tooth and nail for.

Expect backpacks to be filled with Lagunitas starting in June for the poor young gals stuck in summer school. Out of all the high dollar grocers in Austin, Wheatsville is easily our favorite. They’ve really vectored in on the customer service dynamic that’s sorely missing from 99% of markets in town. Ask for a certain item and a worker will attach himself to you and lead you through the shop til you’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

We like that. Too often a specific request at local markets is met with a wave and an “it’s over on that wall” bunch of nonsense. We miss the days when going to the store meant walking in and immediately being met with a counter-all the goods were accessible only to staff; you gave the man your list and he set about filling your order while your Packard Goose set outside idling at the curb.

And even homeless men wore suits and ties.

Those were the days.

recent score from Wheatsville

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