Wonder if there will be any Texas Red at this chili cook-off? We’ve been to plenty of these and they’re usually a fun affair. Til the part comes where the rubber meets the road. We always dream of eating multiple, mammoth bowls of Texas Red til the cows arrive safely at home but sadly we’re rarely fulfilled. Most cooks don’t know the rules of Texas Red. Or worse, they know the rules and choose not to follow them. We love onions and tomatoes, but they have no business in a proper bowl of Texas Red chili. Add them and you might still be authoring a delicious meal, but you’re not piloting an authentic kettle of the real deal stuff.

Event details:

Event benefits Health Alliance for Austin Musicians in Memory of Nick Curran

Entry fee is $50

Applications must be received by Friday, February 1, 2013.

In a page from bizzaro land: chili must be prepared in advance! Rogues and scalawags take note. This is your chance!

Contestants must arrive at the venue by 3pm on Feb 9th.

Attention ringers. Follow this path to chili greatness http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2009/11/18/How-To-Make-Authentic-Texas-Red-Chili#c7944D257-C996-2ACB-73AE3F05E1559AA6

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