We’ve got news coming out of the Hops and Grain camp.

Via Josh Hare’s blog:

2013 is looking like a breakout year for the East 6th Street brewery. Production: They’re ramping it up. Last year they brewed 1200 barrels, this year they’re gunning for 4,000

New Canned Beer: They’re adding Zoe, a pale lager

Physical improvements: April should mark the beginning of a construction project that will usher in a new tap room by Autumn

Barrel Aging project: A new shipment of barrels are in transit to the brewery. Most enticing is the fact that some have been used for storing rum for 17 years! Also, this weekend, Hops and Grain will be releasing a Wild Turkey barrel aged Old Ale as well as a French Oak Cabernet barrel-aged brew; it contains the exotic Brettanomyces yeast that’s got cutting edge brewers across the globe all drunk with excitement.

Hot link to their website http://www.hopsandgrain.com/

and more Austin craft beer stories and news http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Austin-Craft-Beer

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