I love having my mind blown. It might be a Gaspar Noe movie, Bechard Smith sawing on a fiddle and playing it hot, or even the simple pleasure of a divine tortilla.

Like the kind from Margarita’s Tortilla Factory down in Manchaca Texas.

I was in a bind last week and didn’t have time to run down to Bouldin Creek and pick up my weekly stash of handmade tortillas I buy off an old pensioner who supplements her income by selling tortillas out of her back door off 2nd street. I was desperate.

On a whim I ran by Wheatsville to see if they had any fancy, hippie tortilla substitute that could get me through my hard times.

Major score.

In the back refrigerator case near the goat milk and tofu made out of vertically farmed hydroponic soybeans I stumbled upon a raw bag of tortillas that looked promising.

I came home and fired up the comal and set to cooking some chorizo and potatoes. It was near noon and I hadn’t had my breakfast taco yet, and felt a bad case of the dropsies coming on. If you’ve ever seen a Southern man come down with the vapors you know it’s not a pretty sight.

The tortillas puffed up admirably in the Benton’s bacon fat I keep in a little glass tub on my old gas range. Like I said, they looked promising.

Sweet Mary! I’m man enough to admit you could’ve told me they were homemade and I would’ve believed you. Absolutely divine.

Apparently Margarita learned at the knee of her mother starting when she was 7 years old. Like any good mujere the mom passed on the family tradition to the child. These are the old-school, San Antonio-style baking powder tortillas served all over the Alamo City’s south and west side.

Any Mexican or Tex Mex restaurateurs reading? If you don’t have the time and energy to make your tortillas from scratch you might want to get in touch with this company. They’re the real deal.

Chorizo and potato breakfast taco recipe featuring Margarita’s tortillas: http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2010/7/5/Chorizo-and-Potato-Breakfast-Tacos-Recipe

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