When we began developing the theme of our latest Scrumptious Chef pop up restaurant we bandied about a multitude of ideas before settling on The Wild Foods Of Texas. Once we got Broken Arrow Ranch on board we next turned our gaze toward who would be the best fit for our beer purveyor.

Enter the wild beer kings of Texas: Jester King Craft Brewery. Beer cultists across the globe recognize this Austin beer maker as being a champion of hand-crafted artisan ales. They only have one concern: making the best beer possible utilizing local water, and in the case of Das Wunderkind-the beer we’ll be serving at our event-wild Texas yeast.

Wild meat, wild beer.

Alongside nationally acclaimed breweries like Russian River and Lost Abbey, Jester King are on the cutting edge of USA beer makers. Let’s talk about the wild part:

Way back in 2010, Jeff Stuffings and Michael Steffing(the owners) knocked out a batch of wort (sweet liquid drained from mash) set it outside on the grounds of Jester King in southwest Austin and waited. After some wild yeast strains came floating in on the Texas wind, and settled into the wort, they sent what they’d collected off to the Brewing Science Institute in Colorado.

The Institute isolated the wild yeast and Jester King were off and running.

It gets better.

Enter Mikkel Borg Bjergso, the legendary Danish brewer who has collaborated with noted breweries like Three Floyds, Chicago; de Struise, Belgium; Nogne O, Norway, and Stone and Alesmith, San Diego.

Add Jester King to this high-powered list.

Drink’in the Sunbelt and Beer Geek Rodeo are the 2 resultant brews of this potent alliance.

Texas has over 70 breweries state-wide. We consulted with many of them on our Wild Foods project and one thing quickly became clear-they all firmly stated “Jester King are the men y’all need to be collaborating with.”

We reached out to the most “out there” farmhouse brewery in Texas and they liked the cut of our jib enough to supply us with a nice batch of Das Wunderkind!

Come on out to our Wild Foods Of Texas Restaurant Pop Up this weekend at Tamale House East and enjoy a glass of this ultra-rare, delicious beer described by Jester King thusly:

“We believe that Das Wunderkind! is the best encapsulation of our brewing philosophy that we’ve released thus far. It’s unfiltered, unpasteurized, naturally conditioned and relies on the world beyond cultured brewers yeast for its fermentation and flavor profile.”

Venue: Tamale House East

Date: Sat Jan 12th 2013

Time: 6pm

Event: The Wild Foods Of Texas featuring wild harvested meat from Broken Arrow Ranch and wild harvested beer from Jester King, the kings of wild Texas beer

more on Broken Arrow Ranch http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2013/1/3/Scrumptious-Chef-Restaurant-Pop-Up-7-Meet-Our-Purveyors-Part-1-Broken-Arrow-Ranch-Texas-Antelope#more

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Jester King’s website http://jesterkingbrewery.com/

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