We religiously read http://craftbeeraustin.com/ to stay on top of what’s happening in Austin’s craft beer community. It’s a great resource. Hot off their Twitter feed this morning they hot linked to http://openthetaps.org/election2012 which is a website devoted to raising awareness on how we can all do our part to push legislation through the Texas political system; in turn this will further the cause of the Texas craft beer industry. From the Open The Taps website

Open The Taps…was founded by a group of Texans who happen to live in Houston. Board members… are Dallas-area native Ted Duchesne (President) of the beer blog Barley Vine, Leslie Sprague (Secretary/ Media Relations) of the beer blog Lushtastic and native Houstonian Chris White (Treasurer/ Controller), an avid craft beer enthusiast and home brewer. Other notable members of the Board of Directors are Cathy Clark, founder of Houston and Dallas Beer Weeks and the charity incubator Live It Big, and John Speights, craft beer fanatic and (of course) a home brewer.

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