Could 2013 be the year of the pop up restaurant in Austin, Texas? We’re about to find out. One prediction that we’re making for the year ahead is that we’re going to see a lot more such events going off in our city.

Austin’s playing catch-up. In cosmopolitan towns like San Francisco and New Orleans, the guerilla dining scene is in full flower with multiple events every weekend of the year. Pizza Delicious, the most famous of the New Orleans pop ups, has now gone brick and mortar securing their very own store-front in the city’s burgeoning Bywater district.

Meanwhile, back in Austin, we saw a smattering of these parties around town. The most prevalent being fancy, supper club style pop up events taking place at urban farms located within the city.

Our Scrumptious Chef cooking team produced 6 pop up restaurant events at Three Little Pigs and Tamale House over the second half of 2012. We should probably have our heads examined. The workload is intense but the payoff has been sweet as we had big crowds at each feed. The most gratifying was our Tex Mex pop up event where throngs of people stood in line under umbrellas as a deluge opened up right as the party swung into motion.

Now the Boston-based website Pop Up Republic is getting in on the action providing a crucial resource for would-be restaurateurs (and other businesses working in the pop up spectrum.)

The company has a multi-state listing directory and also provides online marketing for popuppers. We stumbled upon them via a site gadget that we use for Scrumptious Chef that shows where traffic is coming from. We landed on their site and noted that they had listed our upcoming Sat Jan 12 2013 Wild Foods Of Texas pop up that we’re having at Tamale House East.

Here’s a hotlink to their website. It provides plenty information to folks who are interested in doing a pop up.

and more info on our wild game pop up

And we’re always happy to provide a listing for your upcoming events. Hit that tipster button and tell us what’s up y’all.

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