Craft Pride is a brand new bar preparing to open on Rainey Street in downtown Austin. It’s on the southern end of the nightlife district due east of the Mexican American Cultural Center.

The owners are exhibiting some serious savvy via their resolve to only sell Texas brew. Word has it that there will be 53 taps, all flowing with some of the finest beer in the USA: Texas beer.

You’ve got to have an angle. Opening in Austin’s intensively competitive food/drink segment is not for the faint of heart or weak of spirit. The old days where you could buy a couple kegs of Pearl and Shiner, put Doug Sahm on the jukebox then hire a guy to fry some chicken wings, and and make a good living are long gone.

We’re approaching 4,000 bars and restaurants in Travis County now. Each venue is fighting tooth and nail for a finite dollar.

Fallout is inevitable as is witnessed by our RIP series, in which we’ve penned 70 obits.

All that being said, we feel like Craft Pride will do just fine. The build-out’s looking good, they’re in the hottest entertainment zone in Austin, and nothing will get the Austin craft beer community as riled up as having a pure Texas, Texas beer bar where we can all sit around and talk about how we never had it so good.

Just put plenty Sahm and Butthole Surfers on the jukebox, hire some barkeeps that know their brew, park a food truck out back with deep fryers brimming with chicken fried steaks, and the biggest problem the owner will have is a sore back from toting out duffel bags filled with cash at the end of the night.

This photo is taken of the rear of the bar, facing west toward the MACC.

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