We had to retire our “Chowhound Junior” feature due to the Austin food board’s dormancy. But once a week we still like to spend a good 30-45 seconds going over the ol gal to see if anything of relevance is posted. One of their best writers “Tom In Austin” weighed in this morning on barbacoa…and a few other topics. It’ll be gone by the end of the day, moderated into oblivion. So we’re sharing it here:

“My favorite barbacoa is Tacos Rico. Give it a shot. I don’t think this is a very controversial opinion. Additionally, search the Austin board for every post by MPH and scrumptiouschef, who were the undisputed lords of topics like these. Their takes are dated, but still mostly relevant.

We’re now in the Chowhound Austin Dark Ages, which began when MPH was “taken up” like Elijah, but were compounded when we fortunate few allowed the Chowocracy to drive off Scrumptious. During that period, other talented young magi also exited (Twill, LixLix et al) while important elder sages receded into the hinterlands of memory (Nab, Kent Wang, etc.) [Note that they still post from time to time, but there was a time that they were *present*, and you knew it.)

Don’t get me wrong, a few oldschool powerhouses remain, although they are hardly as prolific as they once were. I’d blame a mix of burnout and reality (most notably, having kids destroys your dining capabilities).

Our current Dark Age is ironic as Austin’s chow has never been better. Where Tyson Cole, Ray Tatum, and Parind Vora were once our great hopes, we’ve seen such creativity and explosive growth since the Chowhound elite forum participants have gone dormant. At the top tier of food: Paul Qui (a Cole acolyte) has overtaken his mentor, helming Uchiko, winning Top Chef, and creating a successful chain of carts, now minting a new restaurant; Bryce Gillmore, heir to the Z Tejas dynasty, creates Odd Duck and then shuts it down to start up Barley Swine. And so much change in the world of barbecue, even if we limit the discussion to Aaron Franklin and J Mueller! (We Austinites used to have to drive 30+ miles to get BBQ this good!) And all of that says nothing of the hundreds of tiny advances in Austin’s food scenes. I’m dying to know what MPH, Twill, and many others would think about so many things. (For Scrumptious, I have his blog, thank goodness.)

What will bring Chowhound Austin back to it’s former glory? I’m not sure, but I hope for it daily.

Other good barbacoa (IMHO) can be found at La Moreliana and several other places. Let us know what you find, gillsnthrills!”


Our 7 part series on barbacoa scores and finds right here http://chowpapi.com/wordpress/wordpress-2.8.6/wordpress/category/the-state-of-barbacoa-in-austin-texas/

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