For our weekly feature “This Week In Austin Texas Food Blogs” ( we compile a week’s worth of scouring the local food blogging scene into one handy resource for our readers.

It’s part and parcel of our 365 day per year writing project.

There are dozens of food blogs in Austin Texas. Some good, some bad, some ugly; many authored by folks who might toss up a fresh post once every 3-4 months.

Let’s look at the bona fides of this Top 10 Austin Food Blogs list. Love and Lemons never heard of it. A recipe blog with plenty content, pretty pictures and pro layout. Will definitely bookmark this one.

Hilah Cooking A video recipe blog. Looks pro. Lots of content. Texas chili recipe drew my attention.

Local Savor This one looks promising. Lots of local resource hot links. Love that. Plenty content. Pro shot. Bookmarking it.

Way Out West Austin We dig it and have featured it in the past. Good work from an area of town we loathe (post development) but have to visit once in a while.

Bitch Beer We’ve loved these girls since stumbling upon their drunk asses at a beer party last summer at Red’s Porch. Enjoy em while you can cause a long stay in rehab is in their future somewhere down the line.

Edible Aria We like it and have featured it in the past. Is it top 10 best in Austin? No, but they’re doing good work.

Austin Urban Gardening After finally just giving the fuck up on trying to make tomatoes grow in 115 degree heat we retired our urban gardening project. This is a good looking site and anybody who can make vegetables grow in our Death Valley style summers gets nothing but respect. Bookmarking it.

Ginny’s Austin We love this girl and have featured her work several times. One of the few food blogs we look at daily.

An Avenenue On our top 5 end of 2012 best Austin blogger list. They amuse us and act prophet-like as our virtual Austin craft beer mentors.

Gourmet Veggie Mama We’re not gourmets, count us among the trenchermen of the world. We eat a smattering of veg to go with our barbecue and we’ve never bred so we’re probably not the target audience of this blog. Lots of content, kid pictures (the mama part) and some fairly interesting veg recipes if you’re into that sort of thing. Top 10 best in Austin? Not by a long shot but a decent little micro-sector blog.

Wrap Up. How in the world did the Chronicle miss the giants of the Austin blogosphere we outlined here At least they did manage to cherry pick the best beer blog in town.

To be fair, the list was nowhere near as bad as we expected it to be, and we’re always looking for fresh work to feature in our weekly Austin blogging round-ups.

Now get out there and start your own Austin food blog.

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