Our minds were blown when we ventured down to Swifts Attic way back in 2012 and happened upon a plate of perfectly seared Texas antelope hot out of the kitchen of chefs Matt Clouser and Zack Northcutt. As we’re wont to do, we immediately began dreaming of how we could use the purveyor; Broken Arrow Ranch located out in Ingram, Texas.

After a series of fits and starts that would try the patience of a saint, we finally got locked and loaded on a pop up restaurant event where we can showcase “The Wild Foods Of Texas”

Broken Arrow Ranch contracts with over a hundred Texas ranchers holding over a MILLION acres of prime hunting territory. They only harvest creatures that are genuinely wild, as in free ranging, not held behind fences or captured in pens. The meat they harvest is some of the finest we’ve ever eaten, and given our lives as carnivores who’ve been fortunate to eat across the globe, that’s really saying something.

Hope y’all can come out to our Wild Foods Of Texas restaurant pop up at Tamale House East and feast on free range antelope that’s lived on a diet of nothing but Texas grass, Texas bushes, Texas herbs, Texas trees, Texas berries and Texas nuts.

Venue: Tamale House East

Date: Sat Jan 12th 2013

Time: 6pm

Event: The Wild Foods Of Texas featuring wild harvested meat (antelope and wild boar) from Broken Arrow Ranch and Das Wunderkind Beer from Jester King.

Read our Wild Beer Kings of Texas write-up here http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2013/1/7/Scrumptious-Chef-Restaurant-Pop-Up-7-Meet-Our-Purveyors-Part-2-Jester-King-Craft-Brewery?adminview=true

Interested in co-sponsoring a future Scrumptious Chef Pop Up restaurant? http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/contact.cfm

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