We had a great time at Austin Beer Guide’s Winter Issue release party a couple week’s ago at the Draught House Pub on Medical Parkway. We’ve long marveled at folks who turn the name of the pub into drought, as in the bone-dry, arid condition of Texas for roughly 9 months out of the year. As we ramped up toward attending, this regional, phonetic corruption repeatedly reared its head. It’s draft.

Like the beer that comes out of a keg.

We hit the sweet spot of the party before it turned into a mob scene, got our drinking done and got out before the line metastasized into a Franklin Barbecue style no-go. Below are a few of the awards that were announced via the new issue. We cherry-picked here so if you want the full results just about every bar in town has a stack of issues on premise.

Editors best bottle shop: Sunrise Mini Mart

Editor’s pick best brew pub: Black Star Co-Op

Editor’s pick best advocate: Jake Maddux Thirsty Planet

Editor’s pick best brewery: Hops and Grain

Reader’s pick best bottle shop: Whip In

Reader’s pick best brewery: Austin Beerworks


Best new beer 2012: Das Uberkind Vieille Saison (Jester King)

Best local tour: Jester King

Best bartender: Roon (Draught House)

Texas’ beer scene is a few years behind California and Colorado but we’re making good progress. And we’ve never had it this good in Austin with 17 different sources of on-site beer production with many more to come in 2013.

Our site section that’s devoted to craft beer http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/Austin-Craft-Beer


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