Week 10.

This feature really resonates. There are dozens of food bloggers working in Austin, Texas and we’re having a good time cherry picking the best ones for y’all. We took a week off from this column to let things stack up a little-with the holidays we noted that many writers output was a mite low.

But now we’re back.

We worked our way through a giant mess to get this week’s column up. We’ll start the feature off with an “avoid at all costs” list. Graveyard:

512 Food Blog: Not updated in 11 months

A Bobo Mess: … 6 months

Rachel Eats In Austin: … 6 months

Another Austin Food Blog: … 9 months

Aus Lunch: …2 years

Austin Light Bites: …7 months Austin Texas Food Blogs

Austin Texas Butcher: …7 months

Beer Town Austin: …5 months

Belly Bulletin: …6 months

Brave The Kitchen: …5 months

Cake Austin: …6 months

Casserole Queens: …4 months

Cast Iron Consomme: …4 months

Creative Test Kitchen: …8 months

Cuisine Explorers: …7 months

Deliciously Austin: …5 months

Diary of a Pizza Girl: …11 months

Dining 512: …autoplaying video with an epileptic saxophone solo

Dining in Austin: …13 months

Dissertation to Dirt: …12 months

Donna Cooks: …6 months

Eating in Andiland: …4 months

Eats BBQ: …4 months

Epicurean Vixen: …11 months

Now onto the good stuff:

1) Addicted To Recipes crafted a very fine sounding White Chocolate Peppermint Cheesecake recipe http://www.addicted2recipes.com/2013/01/white-chocolate-peppermint-chunk-cheesecake/

2) An Avenue issues their best beers of 2012 list: Thirsty Planet, Hops and Grain, Jester King and Austin Beerworks were the Austin breweries that made the cut http://www.craftisbetter.com/2012/12/the-well-ordered-enumeration-of-2012s.html

http://beyondpicketfences.com/ has some good content, not top 5 worthy but we’ll be checking this one out in the future

http://biscuitsoftoday.com/ has some interesting looking charcuterie projects, we’ll be returning to this blog.

The gals at http://bitchbeer.org/ are drinking themselves silly for you. Check em out before they all head off to rehab.

3) An older review from http://biteofaustin.com/2012/10/bar-mirabeau/ on Bar Mirabeau, Vora’s new joint’s not getting a lot of coverage on the sites we regularly read so we’re including this report.

Whoever runs the Cookie Madness site must weigh 500 pounds. They relentlessly put up fresh content (recipes) every formula we’ve tried off this site is golden. Southern Caramel Cake http://www.cookiemadness.net/2012/12/yellow-cake-with-caramel-frosting-southern-caramel-cake/

4) A mixed review of Ramen Tatsu-Ya? http://southaustinfoodie.blogspot.com/2012/12/ramen-tatsu-ya.html South Austin Foodie’s less than fawning review stands as a real shocker

Vegetarians make their way into our lives from time to time for some reason. http://kitchen.coseppi.com/ caters to them, take a note, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Epazote Chronicles is mildly intriguing http://mgourmand.tumblr.com/ Love that it’s on Tumblr

Definitely coming back to http://farmhousetable.wordpress.com/ to look at the pretty pictures

From Maggie’s Farm made enough tamales to feed the state of Texas http://frommaggiesfarm.blogspot.com/2013/01/almost-wordless-wednesday-great-tamale.html

5) Mike Sutter places Uchi/Uchiko in the number 3 spot of his best restaurants in the Austin countdown he began (seemingly) back in ’73. We’re confident El Taco Rico is in either the #2 or #1 spot. Confident. http://www.fedmanwalking.com/content/fed-man-55-uchiuchiko-3

bonus: Mick Vann visits Mi Ranchito down on Manchaca where the road careers to a halt near Railroad BBQ http://www.austinchronicle.com/blogs/food/2013-01-03/mi-ranchito-ii-never-fails-to-satisfy/

That was way more work than normal. We used Addie Broyles blogger list as a resource to work off of to make sure there weren’t some killer writers we were missing out on. And we’ll be updating the graveyard as we refresh this series each Wednesday. It’s just as important to know what NOT to read as what to read.

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