With nearly 2,000 articles in our archives, there’s a lot of bumping and jostling among the posts to decide what the all-time most popular article will be.

We have a new number one.

After three years and one month in the top spot; Scrumptious Chef Visit has been deposed. Its popularity was always mystifying to me. After all, it was written by infrequent contributor and site admin; Chuck, and it did little other than describe a meal cooked by editor RL Reeves Jr.

It’s a fine piece, but it’s been knocked off its lofty perch by an article we wrote on the sad, sorry decline of the Austin Texas Chowhound board. It’s here

The article was inspired by a Chowhound poster who remarked that the local board was extremely quiet for a city with such a thriving food scene.

Of course the article was quickly removed by the moderators who’ve wrung every ounce of life out of the once bustling forum.

Are you a Chowhound in Austin? What forum are you using to discuss Austin restaurants and bars? Reddit? Roadfood? Some other board?

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