We’ve created an omnibus of all of our 2012 year-end review critiques and analyses. We spend countless hour scouring Austin for the best tacos, pupusas, food trucks and what have you so that at the end of the year we can offer a learned opinion on what the true greats are.

We don’t care if you’ve hired a great interior designer and have a chef who’s mastered the art of self promotion. We’d just as soon be sitting cross legged on a blacktop curb eating a link of hot guts off a paper towel. At the end of the year we recognized what we reckon to be the finest Mexican restaurant in Austin link

We love El Salvador. Thankfully we can live out this love via an outstanding Salvadoran restaurant in East Austin link

Our biggest flops of 2012 link

The most popular recipe in the history of our site link

Our 5 favorite food bloggers of 2012 link

The finest food trailer working in South Austin link

Our Texas food writer of the year link

The finest tamales we sampled in 2012 link

Food trailer of the year link

Page view click monster: Our hottest article of the year link

The most popular recipes we penned in 2012 link

5 great food stories and the writers that told them link

2012:The most delicious commercial salsa we tasted all year long link

5 earthshaking obituaries link

Our top 5 most popular photos of the year link

Thanks for checking out the site y’all.

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