Time to pay the devil his due.

The gods of Chili making must be appeased so we’ve given Chili its own category. We’re introducing our latest addition with an omnibus of all our Chili articles gleaned from our nearly 2,000 article-strong archive.

Submitted for your cooking and eating pleasure: The Art and Science of Chili One of the unofficial state foods of Kentucky. White Chili, made famous by Timothy’s Restaurant in Louisville. Smoked chicken, tomatillas and plenty chiles power this classic recipe. In Kentucky, green tomatoes are often substituted for tomatillas. How To Make Kentucky White Chili link

If you’re going to call yourself a Texas Chili cook you better know the rules. While it’s certainly true that many of the most successful competition veterans don’t abide by them any longer (tomatoes!) here’s our list of rules that must be adhered to if you want to make an authentic kettle of Texas Red. The Rules Of Texas Red link

Once you’ve memorized the rulebook you’ll be ready to hit the kitchen and tackle the classic: How To Make Authentic Texas Red Chili link

An absolutely crucial recipe here. It’s the backbone of great chili: How To Make Pork Stock link

We love Mexican food. In our running series called Authentic Tex Mex we broke down one of our most classic recipes: Authentic Tex Mex Part Fifteen: Mexican Pinto Bean Chili With Smoked Pork And Green Onions link

Chili is not in the title of this recipe but chili it is. Authentic Tex Mex Part Sixteen: Smoked Brisket And Hatch Chile Stew link

If you’ve ever eaten a crispy taco you’ve eaten one of the simplest, most delicious iterations of chili:Carne Molida aka taco meat. Authentic Tex Mex Part Eighteen: How To Make Carne Molida link

It’s doubtful that we invented it but we’ve never had Green Mexican Chili before. Continuing in our Tex Mex series: Authentic Tex Mex Part Nineteen: How To Make Green Mexican Chili link

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