It’s important to have traditions.

When I’m coming home to Texas from such far flung locales as New Orleans, Cincinnati or Tuscaloosa, I always point my bike toward Ellinger, Texas so I can dust off my taste buds at Peter’s Barbecue.

It’s a quintessential roadside shack-style smoked meat joint. The brisket, hot off a Southern Pride, shows what a skilled hand can do with a gasser. I certainly prefer pure hardwood fires but Alan Peters, owner and pit boss pulls off some very fine meat from his high dollar, fancy smoking machine.

Any discussion of Peter’s must include the french fries. You have to request hand-cut or you’ll get a freezer bag version, and the counter lady will warn you that they take extra time but good Lord is it worth the wait. Hand cut spuds, cooked twice in hot oil and served with steam rolling of of them. These french fries are my all time favorite side dish for Texas barbecue.

Any trip to Peter’s also means a stop at nearby Hruska’s for kolache. While they’re not Weikel’s calibre they’re fine in their own right. A prune kolache as a dessert after a brisket sandwich at Peter’s is a lover’s kiss when you’re hot off the road and fresh back in Texas.


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