The most notable photo we took all year long wasn’t even in Austin. It was in Thorndale Texas and it brought us all sorts of unwanted attention from the local constabulary. The owner of Barron’s Hamburger Haven found our picture taking to go against community standards so she phoned in the police who intercepted us in the parking lot. The hair raising tale is told here once the local citizenry got wind of her shenanigans her business dried up and she has subsequently closed her doors.

This year our photo journeys took us to Asia, Central Europe, Northern Europe, Mexico and 14 American states. We took a few thousand pictures along the way, mostly using Tumblr. as our sharing service.

The most popular photo of 2012 can be found here it’s of Yolanda Sanchez Cornejo.

2nd most popular photo of the year can be found here it’s of Alphonse Dotson, former Oakland Raider and now a Texas vintner of international fame

The third most viewed picture of the year was of Brian Mays, pit boss at Sam’s Barbecue

The fourth most viewed photo of 2012 was of this Texas beauty queen

and finally, the fifth most viewed picture of the year was of Willie Nelson’s barbecue pit

last year we were far more industrious and issued a top ten, most popular photos of 2011. It’s here:

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