Austin is awash in salsa.

Every self-respecting Tex Mex and Mexican restaurant in town brings you a bowl of the goods the moment you’re seated-and if they’re doing business the right way-it’s gratis.

But what about the commercial salsa that you buy for your home refrigerator? Walk down the sauce aisle at your local market and you’ll see dozens of packaged blends from Texas, California and plenty states that have no business manufacturing the nectar. Now get back in your car and drive to La Michoacana (7 stores in Austin area where we found a treasure trove of some of the best salsa, commercial or otherwise, that we have ever put in our mouth.

There are 3 kinds in the cold case and all are fine but the deep, reddish, umber one is what you’re seeking. Your mind will be blown. The flavor is so deep and so complex it’s almost mole-like. Almost. This is not a “chips and salsa” style sauce. It’s a finisher. We drizzle it over breakfast tacos from the home skillet, spoon it over carnitas tacos and splash it on our picadillo as a final grace note.

A small tub costs $1.99

As a side note: We love hot sauce (Frank’s, Louisiana, Crystal etc) but the term is not interchangeable with salsa. Hence the prominent packaging on all major vinegar-based brands that use the term. Hot sauce goes on chicken wings, salsa goes on totopos.

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