Interested in learning the art and science of cooking Texas barbecue with wood fires? Pit boss John Lewis is hiring a cook. Lewis was at the center of a firestorm earlier this year when he (famously) migrated from Franklin Barbecue, the nationally prominent meat house on East 11th street to (then) JMueller BBQ. The national barbecue scene exploded ( as this stunning move was ably documented by national media who closely follow Austin as the nexus of smoked meat consumption in the USA.

Lewis was to begin an apprenticeship under John Mueller, the foul-tempered Taylor, Texas native, but plans went awry when Mueller was ousted from the food trailer that operated under his aegis ( Shockwaves are still reverberating through the world of barbecue.

John Lewis then reported to the main stage (–LA-Barbecue?adminview=true) where he informed us, via an early morning phone call, that he has the mammoth smoker completely dialed in at LA Barbecue in Bouldin Creek.

Here’s a hotlink to the ad

please note that the correct address is 1502 south first street, not Congress as the ad mentions

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