That year went by a mite fast. One year ago today we looked at the top 21 articles we’d written on Texas barbecue in 2011.

It was article number 1000.

Not a stone was left unturned as we examined: Aaron Franklin, Randall Stockton, Taylor Cafe, Louie Mueller, Davis Grocery, Black’s Barbecue, Gidding’s Meat Market, Vrazel’s, John Mueller, R&G, Amber King and Lance Kirkpatrick.

All for the love of meat. If we were better organized we would’ve kept track of our bbq mileage. It wouldn’t come close to BBQ Snob Daniel Vaughn’s but we did manage to make it as far as Lubbock to the West, Brownsville to the South and Longview to the East.

Since the good stuff peters out around Belton to the North we’re not counting anything north of Bell County.


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