This site began its life as a recipe database. Friends and family encouraged me to start Scrumptious Chef so they could rifle through an online resource from time to time when it came time to marshal their reserves and hit the kitchen.

Little did they (or I) realize that Scrumptious Chef would take on a life of its own and turn into the media empire that it is today.

Five of the ten most popular articles in the history of the site are all recipes.

These are the five most popular recipes we posted in 2012: Insanely delicious and easy to make. Posted just before Thanksgiving which is probably why it was the most popular recipe of the year

Bulleit Bourbon Bundt Cake With Buttermilk Praline Sauce

I’ve been cooking Tex Mex since I was a kid. One of my all time favorites

Authentic Tex Mex Part Fifteen: Mexican Pinto Bean Chili With Smoked Pork And Green Onions

My grandma Nellie Sullivan’s recipe

Austin Daily Photo: Recipe: How To Make Kentucky Style Northern Beans With Ham Bone

I love Turkey, the country, an homage

Recipe: Roasted Turkish Chicken With Schmaltz Fried Rice And Green Onions

I’ve been blessed and fortunate to break bread in Holland

How To Make A Dutch Baby: Eating Pancakes In Amsterdam Netherlands

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