When John T. Edge comes a calling to your food truck, can fame and fortune be far behind? In the case of La Flor the jury appears to still be out. We’re nonplussed that Angela and Christian, the potent mother and son team that power this Mexican restaurant on wheels, have yet to string up a banner trumpeting their placement in the paper of record: The New York Times.

We go here for pluperfect, made per order tortillas, then we go all in on the desebrada and taco meat. Each rendition stands at the top of the Austin, Texas taco pecking order. Order either salsa; red or green provide good fire and the requisite complexity that defines high skill level in the kitchen.

Now that there’s a band practice rental space across South First Street from the trailer we’ve noticed crowds in line that were formerly simply not there. Starving, broke-ass musicians have a knack for finding delicious cheap eats.

Have you been to La Flor? Tell us about your favorites.

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