We survey the Austin blogging landscape on a daily basis. It’s part and parcel of the job. Some might call it nasty, brutish work but we beg to differ. It’s not particularly brutish.

While the vast majority of Austin food blogs are authored by lazy, indifferent writers who can scarcely be troubled to put up one post per month; many are whirlwinds of creativity with good writing and top flight photography.

This article will concern itself with the these.

Five Austin Food Blogs That Left Us Panting For More In 2012 We have no idea who Cathy and Gina are but as near as we can tell they’re the writers/photographers behind http://forksupblog.com/index.html These gals are pitbulls; grabbing a subject in their fierce, powerful jaws and giving it the death shake til the last bits of life are drained out of it. We love their mix of peasant food recipes, cocktail formulas and restaurant reviews.

We cure a lot of meat in the Scrumptious Chef test kitchen. With Madisonville, Tennessee and Benton’s Country Hams over a 1000 miles away it’s the only way we know how to get by. Eating aged hog meat is how we sustain life. We met a kindred spirit via the magic of the internet and his name is Jake Camozzi. When he’s not busy growing his beard or raising a family, you can find him in his own test kitchen, practicing the dark arts of charcuterie. This is his blog http://leavemetheoink.wordpress.com/

We’ll never be mistaken for professional photographers. So we spend a lot of online time studying the greats, and chimp-like, attempting to ape them. This is how we attempt to approach competence. Which is why we spend plenty time reading http://foiegrashotdog.blogspot.com/
Killer photography and lots of recipes with funny commentary power this blog from authors Ryan and Julie.

We love craft beer. With Austin’s micro brew scene approaching critical mass, we have to turn to prophets to sort through the milieu to make any sort of sense of what’s going on. This is where http://anavenue.blogspot.com/ comes in. Stellar writing, copious consumption and a general lack of regard for even the most basics of common civility fuel this blog from -?-. Keep up the good work…

You would think that Austin, Texas would have dozens of barbecue blogs with teams of bloggers fanning out across the city each morning to consume meat, take pictures and hash out tons of articles on the cooking-animals-with-fire-scene.

Sadly, this is not the case. Hidebound, old traditional media outlets might toss up an article once per quarter while the occasional indie blog might feature a lackluster recap of a 3 hour lunch at Franklin.

Meanwhile Drew Thornley of http://manuptexasbbq.blogspot.com/ is doing his damndest to fill the void. He’s relentless, apparently doing little else besides riding around Central Texas eating plates of barbecue and photoblogging it. One New Years wish for this site: more prose please.

We could’ve easily made this a top ten list.

Top eleven? No, but a top ten would’ve been doable.

We’re simply too lazy to fill out the list of five more crucial Austin Texas food blogs that belong in this article. Now get out there and start your own damn website.

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