Today, we don’t necessarily think of Nebraska as being a center of commerce in the coffee industry. But, once upon a time, the Cornhusker State was just that; one of the dominant players in the world of coffee.

In 1879, Omaha money man (and native Kentuckian) William A. Paxton and Benjamin Gallagher went into business together opening an eponymous wholesaler out of a warehouse in Nebraska’s largest city. Their fame grew across the wild, wild west as they purveyed high quality spices, teas, elixirs and-coffee from all over the globe.

Butter Nut Coffee was born in 1913.

Gilbert and Clark Swanson (of Swanson TV dinner fame) bought the company in 1958, and named the entire operation the Butter-Nut Foods Company.

The company grew and combined forces with Duncan Coffee Co. of Houston which was then merged into the Coca Cola Company.

In 1989, Proctor and Gamble (owner of Folgers) bought Maryland Club Foods, a subsidiary of Coca Cola which was the then parent of Butter Nut.

Got a hankering for some Butter Nut Coffee? We’ve never seen it on a shelf in Austin but you can purchase it off Amazon.

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