Beer blast at the Draught House tonight: Thursday December 20th 2012

Austin Beer Guide’s Winter issue releases tonight at the Draught House. Here’s the list of special beers to be drunk for the party. Jester King El Cedro

Jester King Das Uberkind

Hops & Grain Barley Wine

Hops & Grain Del Roble Pale, Porter, Belgian

(512) Bruin w/ rum soaked oak (cask)

Real Ale Black Anniversary

Thirsty Planet Pumpkin Masala

Live Oak (Mystery)

Adelbert’s Wine Barrel Age Naked Nun

Ranger Creek Small Batch #4 (Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Mesquite Smoked Porter)

New Belgium Super IPA

Dogfish Head 120

Stone 08/08/08

Green Flash Serrano Chili Stout (may not make it)

Stone Perfect Crime

Brooklyn There Will Be Black

Looks like most of the major players will be there. We’re working ourselves into a tizzy over Live Oak’s “mystery beer” With all the new bucks in town brewing and using the hell out of social media Live Oak has a tendency to get overlooked.

That’s a mistake.

Consistency is the bug bear of all brew houses and Live Oak reigns in this category. They’re big time, producing 1000s of barrels per annum, and they never miss a beat. Their brew tastes the same every single time.

And we can’t wait to quaff some of that Adelbert’s Wine Barrel Age Naked Nun. That’s another brewhouse that’s not getting their due respect. We’ve never had a bad beer from those guys.

Hope to see y’all out there tonight at 6pm.

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