May I speak to Eddie?

Eddie no work here no more

But he’s the owner

No, he the chef, and he no here no more, owner in Houston

Where’s Eddie working

I no know but he here no more

Ok Thus went my conversation with the folks at Thai Noodle House last night. I called hoping to speak with Eddie Nimibutr, the putative owner of the restaurant. I was informed that Mr. Nimibutr is no longer with the restaurant and indeed was never the owner of the restaurant, but was formerly in the restaurant’s employ as a chef (a cursory search of local LLC’s finds Nimibutr to be listed as owner of the establishment so this may be a bit of damage control)

I had hoped to speak to Nimibutr to find out if perhaps his Facebook account had been hacked.

Austin exploded this weekend. A screen shot of a racist screed Eddie Nimibutr had supposedly posted on his Facebook went viral and had posses being formed all over the city to ride down to Thai Noodle House and wreak some frontier justice on the man.

But what if his account had been compromised? Imagine a rival Thai joint owner gaining access to Nimibutr’s Facebook and using it to inflame the city?

It happens everyday.

Apparently this is not the case. Multiple media outlets are reporting that Nimibutr is indeed the author of the rant.

Updates as warranted later today via Twitter

update 12/19 Pic of for lease sign that has went up at the business

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