In a particularly savvy bit of marketing, the owners of Capitol Grounds Cafe recently stationed a gas powered griddle about 6″ from the sidewalk abutting Lavaca Street. Pictured is Chef Kevin, a native Austinite who runs the kitchen at the restaurant.

The chef was flinging shrimp onto the plancha and searing them in puddles of butter before hitting the entire affair with a pungent sauce from a squeeze bottle that had the entire state capitol zone descending on the cafe.


Capitol Grounds is a Mexican restaurant. The menu runs towards enchiladas, tacos, salads and wraps. We had an estimable bowl of chili there recently; Texas chili, no beans, just big hunks of meat in a rich, brown gravy served with Saltine crackers.

It was fine.

We’ve seen a number of restaurants in this room over the years, most recently Chez Moi. If that bowl of chili is any indicator Capitol Grounds has a nice long run ahead of them.

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