We broke the news of Justin Timberlake’s plans to set up a barbecue shop in Austin way back in August of 2011.

A snippet of our original article:

Round up the posse.

We just got wind of more corporate barbecue coming to our fair city. This time we wonder if it’s just a bad joke. An outfit from New York City called “Southern Hospitality” has announced an Austin invasion.

These days we’re feeling a mite prickly. Our Texas foodways are being infringed upon by non-Texas barbecue chains, corporations, franchisees and what have you.

They’re putting their hands in the pockets of places like veteran House Park Barbecue over on 12th st. [est. 1943] and upstart smoked meat cradles like Franklin Barbecue [est. 2009].

and the full piece http://www.scrumptiouschef.com/food/2011/8/22/Nightmarish-News-Austin-Texas-More-Corporate-Barbecue-Is-ComingSouthern-HospitalityNew-York-City

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