I had a great conversation with Shane Bordeau at an Austin craft beer summit held earlier this year at Red’s Porch in South Austin.

Bordeau had put his money where his mouth is by investing 200k of his own money (along with Jim Sampson) to launch Twisted X Brewing Company out in Cedar Park back in 2009. Austin beer lovers landed on the brewery’s Tex Mex beer concept hard and the company became a big success. So big that Twisted X broke ground this week on a major brewery project out in Dripping Springs, Texas. The Dripping area is in full revitalization mode with Argus Cidery, Jester King Craft Brewery and Thirsty Planet Brewing Co. all calling the region home.

Once the build-out is complete Twisted X will call a 7,000 square foot facility home.

Bordeau and Sampson have targeted the lager crowd of beer drinkers, typically under-served by craft beer makers who go big on challenging ales but leave the macro-drinkers at loose ends.

Twisted X hit the nail on the head by putting out full bodied beers that are perfect for session drinking during Texas’ brutal 9 month-long summers. Once they go into full production at their new brewhouse expect them to become one of Texas dominant players in our skyrocketing craft beer scene.

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