I get asked for this a lot.

With Austin in a full-fledged craft beer renaissance, we’re seeing a level of interest unmatched in 20+ years of drinking local brew in town. With new breweries popping up, seemingly on a weekly basis, it’s high time to publish a (hopefully) comprehensive list of Austin brew houses (breweries and brew pubs.)

Austin’s not alone in seeing this revival. Asheville, North Carolina; New Orleans, Louisiana; Birmingham, Alabama and plenty other towns are experiencing a sort of Prague Spring of craft beer right now. In USA, craft brewers sold an estimated 11.47 million barrels of beer in 2011, up from 10.1 million in 2010. I’d love to see some figures on production totals from our 16 breweries in Austin.

It would be substantial.

Adelbert’s Brewery – 2314 Rutland Drive Suite #100 I’m spoiled for big, high abv Belgians after years of hanging out at Der Gollem in Holland, but Adelbert’s is doing good work.

Austin Beerworks – 3009 Industrial Terrace, Suite 150 All summer long. That’s how long we were drinking Pearl Snap Pils, a delicious German Style pilsener.

Black Star Co-op Pub & Brewery – 7020 Easy Wind Drive, Suite 100 Love, love the Crotchety Dockhand. Yes, it’s a good beer but I’m friends with a bunch of dockhands and that makes it that much better.

Circle Brewing Company – 2340 W Braker Ln., Suite B

(512) Brewing Company – 407 Radam Ln Ste F200 I bake a mean batch of brownies with their Pecan Porter. And their IPAs is one of the finest in Texas.

Draught House Pub & Brewery – 4112 Medical Parkway Had a great Saison there last summer.

Hops & Grain – 507 Calles St Ste 101 Pale Dog, an American Pale, is my favorite from this house.

Independence Brewing Co. – 3913 Todd Lane I cried when Lovejoy’s closed but was heartened to hear that their brewer Todd Henry landed on his feet at Independence.

Jester King Craft Brewery – 13005 Fitzhugh Road Hit or miss. Love the Boxer’s Revenge but have had some really odd beers from these guys that just did not work. Their brewers are pushing the envelope and receiving national recognition from beer cultists for doing some wild, wild work.

Live Oak Brewing Company – 3301-B East Fifth St Hated to see Steve Anderson move onto greener pastures out at Big Bend Brewing but Live Oak did not miss a beat. It’s Primus season y’all!

Pinthouse Pizza 4729 Burnet Road Joe Mohrfeld from Colorado’s Odell Brewing is in charge at this north Austin pizza joint/brewery. No more need be said.

Uncle Billy’s Brew & Que – 1530 Barton Springs Rd. Incredible for consistence and ambition. A patio hang here with a sampler paddle of a handful of well-made, house brew is one of the finer Austin afternoons.

North by Northwest Restaurant & Brewery – 10010 Capital Of TX Hwy N Still daydreaming about that Barton Kriek lambic I had there almost 2 years ago.

Thirsty Planet Brewing Company – 11160 Circle Drive Franklin BBQ Smoked Porter is like eating at Franklin without standing in line.

South Austin Brewing Co. – 415 East St. Elmo Haven’t tried these guys yet. Feedback please.

Twisted X 3200 West Whitestone Boulevard C#1, Cedar Park Ice cold lagers, good for a hot day. Self proclaimed Tex Mex Beer.

Whip-In 1950 S. Interstate 35 Haven’t tried their house beers yet but love their take on Texas Red chili washed down with a cold Live Oak Pilz.

We are in a renaissance.

If none of these interest you go to Austin Homebrew Supply – 9129 Metric Blvd and make your own beer.

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