Given the fact that we spent most of last week either driving to the far flung corners of Travis and Williamson counties or slaving over an old gas cook stove-it’s no wonder our output was light on the Scrumptious Chef blogging project.

We take sourcing our goods for the pop up restaurant series extremely seriously and had to neglect our writing and photography for a few days so we could assure our eaters that we would only be serving the finest goods and sundries.

That was us you saw in the Econoline hammering down that old dusty backroad out near Coupland around the middle of last week.

Important business. But, we still managed to go north of a dozen articles even on a quiet week. With that, we offer our weekly top 5 Scrumptious Chef food stories. As always, determined by page views.

When we write a menu for a pop up restaurant, it’s always the most viewed article of the week. Any cook will tell you that his menus are like his babies so this makes us inordinately proud

Austin Daily Photo of the soon to be shuttered Jorge’s Restaurant, the finest source of Hatch Chile enchiladas in Austin

A field report from Shiner Restaurant and Bar with John Mueller on the pit

A field report from our pop up restaurant event at Tamale House East

Cary Grant and barbecue chicken

Last week’s top 5

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