Business carried us to Taylor, Texas last week. As we hammered up 973 from Austin we began fantasizing about what we were going to eat and where we were going to eat it. Ferrari’s for a plate of lasagna; Ed’s Place for a hamburger; Davis Grocery for pork ribs; Moe’s Lounge for a sandwich; Lafayette for a bowl of gumbo-the options are endless in the garden spot of Williamson County.

We went to Vencil’s joint down near the railroad tracks. Best $1.50 lunch in Taylor. Walking in to the old beer joint on a sun-drenched afternoon Vencil Mares is holding court, as is his custom, in his roost at the end of the bar. A few drinkers are sitting around swapping lies while some Johnny Bush is playing in the background. Time is precious so we ask for a link of Bohunk sausage and set back to soak in the scene. Moments later we’re on the business end of a plump, handmade link of some of the finest force-meat in the United States. The hog gut casing has a nice snap to it and the smell of oak wood fire drifts off the plate. A side tray of pickles, onions and crackers comes with the feast and combine with the sauce to make this one of the finest plates of food we’ve had in recent memory.

close up photo of Vencil

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