all the details on our Sat Jan 12 2013 Wild Foods Of Texas Pop Up Restaurant At Tamale House East November 30th 2012


Number 6 in our pop up restaurant series and our first brick and mortar. When we started this project in the paleo era of July 2012 we weren’t sure how it would be received.

The people have spoken.

We’re opening the dining rooms at Tamale House East, or if you prefer there will be patio seating available. Here’s the menu: With an enormous kitchen we’re able to be slightly more ambitious than usual. Hope y’all can come out.

Brisket, Post Oak, Salt, Pepper

Crispy Pork belly w/Momofuku Tare


Creamy Polenta,Green Onions

Sweet Corn,Green Chiles

Russell’s Sprouts,Basil,Lemon,Chile



Chile Con Queso,Totopos

Shrimp Poached In Tomato Broth,Totopos


Hickory Smoked Chicken Posole


Mrs Johnson’s Chocolate Bourbon Bread Pudding

Banh Mi Kong,Confituras Butter

and we brought in the big gun aka Sam Hovland at East End Wines-he wrote the wine list so expect achingly delicious vino at prices that beggar the imagination.

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