We still have fond memories of Bravo’s Nightclub on east 6th street. Particularly that star-crossed night that saw us take a friend who’d relocated to Austin from Montana there for his birthday. He was unfamiliar with the old east Austin nightclub trope of buy a beauty a beer at an inflated price and get a dance for free. As you walked in, you’d be approached by one of perhaps 4 girls who worked for the club. They’d ask you to buy them a beer, which the barkeep would sell for around $5, an outrage in the paleolithic days of Austin nightlife. But as a bonus, you got a dance with the girl. Patrick made the most of it and ended up wildly making out with one little spitfire that took a liking to him.

Those days are long gone. Bravo’s became Shangri La, an outpost in the empire of Randall Stockton, and the gals that used to line up along the wall wearing skin tight Corona beer dresses moved along to greener pastures.

It’s hard to believe that Shangri La is turning 4 years old. It’s a fun little spot. Crowded and loud as is the custom of east-of-35 beer joints. This coming Tuesday November 27 they’re throwing a fete. They’ll be tapping a fresh keg of beer every hour on the hour {8 in total}, put out some chow and host a special musical mystery guest.

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