In December of 2011, El Agasajo, the legendary East Austin nightclub, burned to the ground. Rumors swirled as to the fire’s origin with street buzz reckoning that an arsonist’s hand had played a role.

Riding out US 183 last weekend I spotted a new tenant in the old Iron Horse Bar and Grill.

El Agazajo has been reborn. Eager to find out what was going on in their new location, I wheeled in and quickly found the owner, Miguel Cornejo. We talked about everything under the sun: The police investigation into the fire {still open,} how they came to be located on the outskirts of town and perhaps most importantly, the restaurant they’ve opened adjacent to their new nightclub.

Miguel’s mom’s on the range at their new establishment and she informed me, quite proudly, that hers is a one hundred percent scratch kitchen with both corn and flour tortillas made by hand, as well as genuine posole and real deal menudo.

I was smacking my lips while she was breaking down the particulars.

We used to love taking our Justine’s pre-prandials at the old El Agasajo on east 5th street. And we’d been known to darken the door at Pequin’s, an earlier tenant in the very same room. Now the lot holds a burned down wreck of a building and little else.

But El Agazajo has been reborn and we take comfort in knowing we can wing it out US 183 and experience the “warm welcome” in their new location.


Not for the faint of heart: El Agasajo after the massive fire had ripped through the structure

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