The Ebony Club in Austin, Texas

Big plans are being implemented on Chicon Street between 12th and 14th in East Austin. We rolled by the former Fresh Up Club yesterday and workmen had knocked the facade off the old sign to reveal the above picture: The Ebony Club at 1309 Chicon.

What prithee was that? Modernity is being shepherded into the neighborhood known as the Chestnut Addition. The Chestnut Neighborhood Revitalization Corporation is planning to construct 3, three story buildings that will feature low income housing on the upper floors with retail on the street-level.

Is this pie in the sky fantasizing or will these plans become a reality?

Too early to tell.

And about the Ebony Club. Searching yielded little other than various mentions of a legendary Ebony Club on San Antonio’s east side where every brown and blue eyed soul musician who ever drawed a breath apparently played.

I’m sure there are some old school Ebony Club patrons on this site so if y’all would be so kind as to comment below it would be most appreciated.


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