I made sure not a single nun was looking.

Carefully peeling the wrapper open, I removed the Twinkie, pulled a very sharp knife out of my backpack and carefully sliced the end off the snack cake.

Using a straw I quickly sucked all the creme filling out of the treat to better prepare my friend for his denouement. I took the bottle of Plochman’s mustard, filled the Twinkie’s gaping-formerly creme filled hole-and carefully replaced the “lid.” I was a young Catholic school rebel and my buddy Todd McGreavy never knew what hit him.

“Hey man, want a Twinkie?” I innocently inquired.

“Thanks man, you know I do”

Moments later he was gagging wildly as the delicious, unexpected mustard filled his mouth.

A foot race was on as I ran shrieking with laughter with Mac in hot pursuit.

My favorite Hostess snack cake memory came rushing back to me when I read about about the company’s decision to close as they battle a worker’s union. I had not had a Hostess cake in a very long time. If memory serves it was 5 or so years ago when I tackled a deep fried Twinkie at a carnival on Ben White Blvd. It was a novelty, delicious to be sure, but not something I’d dream about post-treat.

Continental Baking Company {an early parent of Hostess} and Tastykake both claim primacy in the mass produced snack cake realm. Tastykake maintain that they were on the market in 1914 while Continental/Hostess waded into the fray in 1919. Culinary historians will debate the merits of both arguments for eons.

The Twinkie came along in 1934 when James Dewar, a Continental Bakery man conceptualized a creme filled sponge cake. The Twinkie part came after Dewar saw an ad for Twinkle Toe shoes.

13 years later Sno Balls came on the market. They look delicious and contain coconut which improves any dish it’s added to, but I find the flavor curiously flat. Pretty though.

Ding Dongs came along in 1967. Back home in Kentucky they were called King Dons apparently as a show of respect for rival Drake’s Cakes product Ring Dings. King Dons were my all time favorite Hostess product. Paired with an ice cold glass of cow’s milk they provided my young palate with incomparable gustatory pleasures.

Around 1972, Hostess began using cartoon characters to sell their products. My favorite was Chauncey the Choco-dile. He was a laid back crocodile who liked to float around in pools and eat choco-diles, which were basically chocolate covered Twinkies. I’d kill to get my hands on one right now.

Please note in the Ding Dongs ad that this treat was vitamin fortified. I don’t recall but I expect I used this phrase emphatically when trying to coax my mom into buying them for me when I was a young buck.

Could a rebirth of Hostess be in the future? As assets are liquidated perhaps a white knight will come along and bring some of the snack cakes back? One can dream.

Read about the hedge funds that control Hostess and what led them to the decision to fold the marque http://finance.yahoo.com/news/hostess-failed-hedge-funds-vs-164815209.html

Interestingly the AFL-CIO has an online petition you can sign to show support for the Hostess workers http://act.aflcio.org/c/18/p/dia/action3/common/public/?action_KEY=5109

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