One of our agents has been tearing up our message system with word of a fire at La Michoacana in East Austin. Apparently fire trucks are all over the taqueria, grocery store, carniceria-fruteria. We’ll roll by there in the morning and assess damage and flesh out this report.

After a particularly good chicken tortilla soup recently, we can’t comprehend the magnitude of what this market’s loss would mean to our community. Let’s hope the damage is minimal and we can all get back to our lives pre-fire. Update: Ran by today and talked to the director of regional operations. Damage was minimal, the fire was electrical in nature. He informed me that a crew was enroute from Houston to perform necessary repairs and get the business back up and running. I peered inside and no damage was visible but the odor of smoke was incredibly strong. A group of workers were on hand scrubbing the floors and toting out merchandise that had water damage.

La Michoacana is expected to reopen soon.

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