Tomorrow, November 16th 2012 New York City will welcome a new and major player in the city’s barbecue game. Daniel DeLaney of BrisketLab will fling the doors open of BrisketTown. The world will never be the same.

An American flag from Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor, Texas will fly sentry over the affair giving inestimable street cred to the operation. Meat? Brisket {from Pat LaFrieda} and brisket only for the time being. We predict this will change as DeLaney masters the Texas classic and moves on to tackle other quintessential Texas proteins. Can hot gut sausage be far behind? Bread will not, however, be Texas toast. Expect scratch Pullman-style loaves to be the sop of choice. Scratch pies will also be on the menu.

Good luck Daniel, we have no doubt you’ve got a monster success on your hands.

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and an interview with the young pit boss

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