Other than Popeye’s Fried Chicken, which is demonstrably delicious, we don’t eat fast food. No soapbox involved. We live and breathe the Austin food scene and since the only vote that matters these days is via our wallets, we strive to keep our food money in local tills whenever possible.

So we don’t eat Papa John’s or any other chain pizza {or even lousy local pizza like Pinthouse.} There’s just too much good pie in Austin to worry about eating the bad stuff. So the movement to eat/not eat at Papa John’s on Fri Nov 16th leaves us unperturbed either way. But.

There’s a movement afoot to show support for “Papa John” Schnatter, founder and CEO of Papa John’s Pizza. Akin to the Chick-fil-A reactionaries that saw the fried chicken chain shatter sales records over the company’s stance on gay marriage-the pending show of support for Schnatter, who’s vowed to cut hours on 33% of his workforce to keep from having to pay healthcare, is expected to blossom on Friday November 16th.

This is the day Americans outraged at the idea of people making $7.25 per hour receiving health care, take to the streets and buy millions of dollars of Papa John’s Pizza.

If this sounds appealing to you then participate in the process and do just that. If this sounds abhorrent to you then roll by Hoek’s or House Pizza and vote local with your wallet.

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