One of San Antonio’s finest.

Nicha’s Comida Mexicana began its life as Minit Taco, a tiny taqueria still spoken of in hallowed terms by San Antonians of a certain age.

Gene and Dionisia (“Nicha”) Garcia opened the original in 1977 in south San Antonio and lovers of hand rolled flour tortillas and carefully rendered barbacoa rejoiced. Nowadays Nicha’s is quite fancy. The restaurant is big, vibrantly painted and features some killer artwork in the time honored Mexican tradition {enormous bulls charging across windswept prairies, hand crafted crosses} but the food never lost its soulful edge.

Nicha’s made a good run at creating the world’s biggest enchilada last year {along with 19 other Mexican restaurants} by rolling out a 300 foot long beast featuring 1900 pounds of cheddar cheese, but they were denied their place in the record books due to the dish not consisting of one contiguous tortilla.

Instead, the team of mujeres in charge of the assault on Guinness laid out 400 tortillas in a row. When finished the enchilada weighed 3000 pounds.

Rob Balon was dispatched to San Antonio where he polished the behemoth off over the course of an afternoon.

When dining at Nicha’s feel free to let your devil dogs run free and make a good run through the menu but you must save room for dessert as their flan is one of the best in the city.

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