Year 46 of the legendary Terlingua Texas chili cook-off saw Dallas-area dentist Ted Hume take home the trophy. Mr. Hume won previously in 2003.

The Chihuahua desert comes alive each Autumn as thousands of chili fanatics descend on Terlingua to party in the Texas badlands.

Drunkenness, nudity, and the sort of out and out outlaw behavior that would get you thrown in the hoosegow in Austin is not only tolerated but outright encouraged at the 3 day bacchanal. Our kind of joint.

Mr. Hume’s secret? “I don’t buy grocery store spices or junk meat,” said the chili sage.

What about beans? Lots of people claim beans really make a key ingredient in chili.

“…of course, no beans.”

Spoken like a true Texan.

1st Place – Ted Hume, III from Dallas, TX

2nd Place – Dave Lazarus, Killeen, TX

3rd Place – Dwight Hamilton, Rockne, TX

Couldn’t make it to Terlingua this past weekend? Come on out on Sunday November 11th to our Terlingua pop up restaurant event at Three Little Pigs in East Austin link

Hat tip to Patricia Sheridan at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette for her bloodhound work that helped us write this article.

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