Terlingua food.

We have officially booked Scrumptious Chef Pop Up number 5 at Three Little Pigs/East End Wines-Central Texas newest winery for Sunday November 11th 2012.

Theme is Terlingua.

Time to get down to business. It’s chili season in the Great State. We’re still working on the menu and will have it up in a couple days, in the meantime been reading all the literature we can lay our hands on on men like George Haddaway, the Dallas publisher who traveled across Texas decades ago issuing reviews by the “Chili Appreciation Society.”

Where would one of the main food groups of Texas cuisine be were it not for a fateful day at the Baker Hotel in Dallas in 1939? Word has it that Haddaway was bandying about the term among a group of journalists, drunks and other reprobates when plans for a more formal group were launched.

In 1960, in his column for the Dallas Morning News “Tolbert’s Texas,” Frank Tolbert mentioned that Haddaway was a member of “Dallas Press Club’s new chili research and development department-dedicated to ‘the discovery of the finest chili recipe in the world.”

Haddaway and others were publicly appealing for chili!

Tolbert finished with, “Personally, I think the committee has just thought up a scheme to get a lot of good, free chili.”

more later…

Any writers from the old Goat Gap Gazette reading? Come on out, we need to talk.

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