East End Wines just secured their winery license making them the only winery in East Austin.

After a monumental struggle with red tape, the little wine store in East Austin can now blend their own wines, make vermouth, falernum and brandy. They’re purchasing a still to accomplish these goals.

I rolled by this morning to take a look at their brand new patio, situated mere steps away from Three Little Pigs, the nationally acclaimed food trailer. Here’s the scoop from Sam Hovland, their wine buyer and sommelier. You can now purchase a bottle of wine, cider or mead at retail, and rent a set-up at $5 per drinker. East End will provide ice, buckets, glasses-all you need to kick back on their brand new patio and live the high life.

Hungry? Chef Raymond Tatum, the lion of Austin fine dining, will offer a full menu of 5 star pork-based cuisine to go with your wine. Mr. Hovland will be happy to pair the wine with the food to take the experience to the next level.

East End Wines got famous via one thing: You walk into the store raving about that insanely delicious bottle of $50 wine you had recently and Hovland tells you about one in-store at a fraction of the price. This goes right down the line. We went in recently talking about a killer $30 bottle of bubbles we’d just quaffed and East End sold us one with a similar flavor profile for $13.

The wine garden/patio is also available for rental. One of my Txoko brothers just secured it to throw a birthday party for his wife. We plan on staging a fall of Rome style bacchanal in the very near future.

East End Wines website: http://eastendwinesatx.com/

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