This is hard.

I just got off the phone with LeAnn Mueller, daughter of the icon Bobby Mueller {RIP} and sister of legendary Texas pit boss; John Mueller.

John is no longer part of the business that bears his name. JMueller BBQ will re-open as Mueller Barbecue {update:the name is LA Barbecue} on Saturday November 3rd with pit boss John Lewis {} now manning the giant iron smoker that’s been putting out the best barbecue in Texas for just over one year.

John Mueller is a cypher to this day.

The man who brought Austin into the national barbecue conversation with his Manor Road smokehouse at the turn of the century has fallen. I’ve documented Mueller for almost a decade; his rise to the peak of USA barbecue, his stunning fall from grace and his rebirth as he strode back to the mountain top.

And now this.



Questions? comment below and I’ll answer as best I can.

on the one year anniversary of JMueller BBQ

and an article titled “The Redemption of John Mueller” heartbreaking in retrospect.

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