The perils of Reddit.

To outsiders Reddit appears to be little more than a haven for people obsessed with housecats, fantasy football and other perils of modern life. To hard-nosed, old school reporters like Joe Gomez of CBS up in Dallas Fort Worth it’s a great place to troll for news stories on a slow day.

And if you have to make the news then so be it.

Gomez noticed Pflugerville blogger Ryan Adams’ upload of a photo of a white wing dove that had committed suicide by plowing itself into a window at Adams’ home. Adams authors a food blog wherein he’s cooking through Fergus Henderson’s landmark “The Whole Beast: Nose to Tail Eating” cookbook. What better opportunity to create a new blog post than to have wild game, figuratively, land in your lap?

Faced with either calling Stevie Nicks or Texas Parks and Wildlife, reporter Gomez opted for the latter. Then the shit hit the fan.

Although no formal inquiry was launched Gomez reported that there was, and national media descended. Ryan Adams received coverage from The Huffington Post, the Drudge Report and Yahoo! News.

All based on the Dallas TV report.

We reached out to Adams via email and conducted an interview. We weren’t that interested in the controversy. We’re more interested in the man behind the {very}ambitious food blog he authors.

1} Talk about your family a little bit. Your parents and grandparents and the role they played in making food such an integral part of your life as an adult.

My grandmother was just an amazing cook. It didn’t matter what she was making, it always turned out perfectly. A few years before she passed away we would occasionally talk about food and I would ask her about how she went about making her signature dishes. Tidbits of techniques that she had never felt the need to write down are some of the most important tools in my arsenal. I learned a lot from her, and she’s always in my mind when I cook.

2} Tell our readers what a meal at the Adams house was like when you were a teenager.

My parents were decent cooks, but meals were more simple than what I can make on my own. Food was little more than fuel, so there wasn’t much to go into. Occasional Hamburger Helper dinners, sometimes take-out pizza. Nothing ethnic to speak of. But food was always available, and for that I was grateful.

3} Best meal you ever ate…where it was eaten…who it was eaten with…and what was served

In Chicago, Alinea’s 18 course dinner blew my socks off. I’ve tried to visit as many of America’s top quality restaurants as possible and nothing so far can touch that meal. My wife took me there for my 30th birthday as a surprise after she’d heard me lament our chances of ever scoring a reservation. I’ve got a gallery of the dishes we had here:

Food can be art. Achatz has proved that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

4} Describe a typical workday

I work for a graphics company, so my day is fairly straight forward.
Stare at a bunch of computers and try like mad to ensure everything is
working correctly. My job is pedestrian at best, but the pay is
excellent and I have some wonderful friends there.

5} Current project that you’re most excited about

I’m still working my way through Fergus Henderson’s first cookbook.

Due to life and such, my posting has suffered for the past year.

I’m not proud of it, but I refuse to give up. I’ll find a way to finish
the thirty six recipes left. Some require me to rig up a drying
chamber, some need me to go hunting, and others… I suppose I’ll have
to visit the UK to complete them.

It’s been a fantastic ride so far, and I’ve met some amazing people who love and care about food as much as I do.

6} Did you actually speak to Joe Gomez? Thoughts on his role in the controversy.

I realized after everything went down that some reporters would rather
make news than report it.

The whole thing just exploded with people holding me up as an example of Government gone wild, regardless of the fact that I’d never been contacted by the TWPD.

The department just didn’t care about some shmuck eating a dove that had broken its neck
against my house. But that’s boring. No red meat.

I learned a valuable lesson: If you’re not careful people will gladly use you as a prop to further themselves. I suppose it’s not a very deep lesson, but I’d never come across something like that before. I feel terrible that the people at the TPWD had to deal with the angry fallout. They
didn’t deserve it, because they never opened an investigation in the first place.

I’m working with them to help clarify the law for others, so hopefully some good will come from this mess.

Adams blog right this way

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