Trumpeting characteristics that included:


2}Fully cooked

3}Sugar cured



…we still can’t figure out how this product never took off. It allowed the eaters of 1964 to “pop a foil package of completely pre-cooked bacon into a toaster, warm it just long enough to reach serving temperature, then eat it without ever soiling a fryer pan.”

Brought to consumers via test markets by the makers of Reddi-Whip, and manufactured by Arbogast and Bastian, a Pennsylvania slaughterhouse and meat processor, founded in 1887 by Wilson Arbogast, a school teacher, and Morris Clinton Bastian, who had formerly operated a general store.

A&B, as it was known, had humble beginnings as a smokehouse but it quickly grew to include both slaughtering and processing. At its peak 3,200 to 3,400 hogs a day were brought in the front door, processed, then shipped out the back door to accounts all over the Eastern United States.

By 1984 the company was in chapter 11.

Had this miracle bacon taken off, perhaps A&B would still be in business today.

Image courtesty tumblr.

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