Lo those many years ago.

Before we entered the pop up restaurant business we got famous via a backyard cooking series we called “Explore The Classic Cuisine…” We tackled a host of countries {Mexico, Vietnam, Korea, Argentina, Cuba et al} before rolling back into our wheelhouse and giving Texas the treatment.

We scheduled a Texas Roadhouse party and started smoking the briskets, frying the chicken fried steaks and simmering a giant kettle of Texas Red chili-then the shit hit the fan. December, normally one of Austin’s prettiest months, turned surly when a north’r blew in and we had to figure out how to lodge a few dozen people in our old wood frame house in French Place. We ate good I tell you what but toward the end of the shindig we realized we’d somehow forgotten to crank out a dessert. It was sleeting and spitting snow and we were all huddled up inside listening to Lefty and Ernest when we had the master stroke; time to make a kettle of porridge.

To this day, when we’re sitting around wool-gathering over that party, the one dish folks bring up is that big cauldron of steel cut oats. When temperatures plummeted into the 50s this morning we hit the kitchen to fight off mother nature as best we could by cooking a pot of porridge.

Recipe: Porridge


1 c. Oats, Steel Cut, John McCann is our brand

2.5 c. Water, municipal

1 t. Salt

1/2 c. Cream, heavy

2 oz. Butter, unsalted

1/4 c. Sugar, turbinado

1/4 c. Syrup, maple


* bring salted water to boil

* sprinkle oats over roiling surface

* bring back to boil, reduce to simmer, cover, cook 15 minutes

* add butter, cream, sugar and syrup

* stir thoroughly

Bon Appetit y’all

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